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Female Erogenous Zones – Secrets To Drive Her Wild With Your Tongue

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One obvious erogenous zone comes to mind and we will cover that, but there are many others that are often neglected!

Your tongue is a wonderful tool to show your love and passion for your partner, here we will look at techniques that will drive your partner wild by targeting the right female erogenous zones in the right way.

The French Kiss

Let’s start with the French kiss.

It’s a known fact that women most women don’t think their men kiss enough, but it is actually one of the top female erogenous zones.

So what is the right way to French Kiss? Well, the fact is there is no right way to do it, but there are three points you need to keep in mind as all female erogenous zones are different:

1. Do it with passion and make sure that your tongue constantly is moving. Either fast or slow. You will soon know which style your partner prefers by the way her mouth responds to yours.

2. Variety! Make sure your kisses are varied and that your partner does not know what to expect each time.

3. Tease your partner and make sure that your body as well as your head is responsive – Show how much you want her.

The neck

This is a top female erogenous zone, after French kissing if you really want to signal that you love and want her - Kiss and nibble her neck – This will make her extremely aroused.


The breast are another well known female erogenous zone.

Most women simply love having their nipples sucked kissed and nibbled. Take your time here and listen to her reactions to the way she likes it best.

Stomach and lower back

These areas are underrated female erogenous zones take you time here lick and kiss. Many women simply love having a man’s tongue run down their spine and have the end of the spine area kissed and caressed.


The top female erogenous zone!

When you have warmed her up with the above techniques, its time to concentrate on this area

Start, by licking her vaginal entrance up her clitoris, following the outer edges of her vagina covering both sides, going up and down.

Hold The Labial by holding both parts together with your lips, move your tongue between the inner and outer labia one side at a time over and over.

The majority of the nerve endings in a vagina are around the opening and within the first two inches of the opening.

Go for them with your tongue, by inserting it into the vagina, then lick in circular motions combined with flicking of your tongue.

Spread her outer vaginal lips then with your tongue stiff, lick and flick your tongue across the clitoris and up into the vagina.

Expose her clitoris by spreading her lips and gently pull back her hood, then suck the clitoris (be very gentle) and then let it go. This can be a real turn on and will be very frustrating for her.

Take the clitoris in your mouth and suck on it gently, at the same time flick your tongue around it. This can be done lightly or hard or a combination of the two and is a big turn on for most women.

The alphabet

Using your tongue spell out the letters of the alphabet, this is very exciting as your tongue is moving in lots of different ways and is a turn on due to the element of constant surprise.

PS: Remember the letters she likes for next time! The bottom.

Most women are extremely sensitive about their bottoms and there is no better way to show how much you love her than to kiss and lick. This female erogenous zone is one that all women will appreciate being targeted.

Feet & Legs

The feet are incredibly sensitive and sucking her toes and licking her feet are seen by many as a common female erogenous zone. But, don’t forget the back of the knees which have an incredible number of nerve endings.

If you are warming her up for Cunnilingus, moving up her legs slowly is exciting as she knows where all this is leading! When you get to the inner thighs take your time and make her wait.

The anticipation will drive her wild!

Above you have some great female erogenous zones to target.

Keep in mind the following do it with passion, take your time and constantly surprise her. Variety and passion are the keys to targeting ANY female erogenous zone.

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