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Robotshop Makes Waves In The Canadian Robotics Industry

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This entry was posted on 5/22/2006 1:47 AM and is filed under Technology,Computers,Interesting.

RobotShop, since its launch in 2003, has been able to leave its competitors behind and get quite ahead of the pack. It is committed to coming up with innovative ways to incorporate robots into the daily lives of ordinary people.

While there's a continuing growing demand for new and better robot products, RobotShop has been well and able to keep up with that demand. Backed by extremely dedicated and passionate people who go the extra a mile to serve its growing clientele. RobotShop Inc. is definitely a force to be reckoned with in the robotics industry.

From the immensely popular Roomba vacuum series, the Scooba cleaning series and the RoboSapien robot toy, RobotShop Inc. has definitely been able to successfully showcase great products. This work of art is mixed with the latest technology when it comes to creating products that are not just meant to entertain people, but actually make their lives stress free.

The various domestic and personal robots that are being offered by RobotShop are actually the best examples on how the company aims to achieve its goal of being able to bring together people who are very much interested in gadgets that are able to help them with their lives. Taking on various household chores, these user friendly and safe personal and domestic robots are actually the favorites of consumers, especially homemakers. From the growing line of RobotShop products, they can really help out a lot around the house without you worrying about a thing. You don't even have to spend time to charge their batteries. Most domestic robots have a self-charging option already. All you have to do is to just sit back, relax and enjoy everything that these RobotShop products have to offer.

These are the various products and services that are being offered by RobotShop Inc., personal and domestic robots, robot parts, robot kits, robot toys, robot construction kits and robot development platforms.

RobotShop clearly has everything taken care of already when it comes to robotics. They're even successful in the robot toys department as evident with the sales of the widely popular RoboSapien robot toy.

There clearly is so much that you can do with RobotShop Inc.'s products that people are always excited about what new trend in robotics will RobotShop Inc. come up with next time.

Through RobotShop's idealistic vision of liberating people from mundane tasks as well as to keep them safe from doing some chores, they've come up with a series of useful domestic robots that are all geared up to do their job. From vacuuming to washing up, to mowing lawns, RobotShop is gradually getting everything under control with the aid of their domestic robots. According to RobotShop, "This is the start of the robot revolution - in the positive sense of course".

Robot mowers from RobotShop have instantly become a favorite among their clients. For the manual lawn mower that has probably already seen its day, the RobotShop robot mowers are more efficient to use with just a touch of the "go" button. Not only does it save you from using gas or oil but also doesn't have any emissions at all and is incredible quiet while it works. This is the kind of ingenuity that RobotShop products possess and they've already been able to build a solid reputation for their handiwork.

Written by Jonathan Brunet.  For robot toys and robot construction kits please visit

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